2 Things That Blac Chyna Did That Could Make You Rich


Seeking the Underdogs

While seeking the underdogs isn’t necessarily ratchet, it becomes ratchet when you seek them to date them just to profit from them. Rob Kardashian is an underdog, a person who was often overlook in comparison to other celebrities of great financial stature– especially overlooked by celebrity women who had names for themselves. Enter Blac Chyna… She came along and swept him off of his feet, when in reality; it is a man’s job to do the sweeping off of the feeting. A man finds a wife, not the wife finds the husband, at least that’s what I was taught. Anyways, in business… this is called “Niche Marketing.” Niche marketing is when you stop trying to control the targets that have high competition, and you use your powers and efforts to control the targets that have lower competition. For example… you may want to create a social media website to compete with Facebook, but after realizing that you don’t even know enough people to get started spreading the word, you feel like you’ll be better off starting a website for strippers, simply because all of your friends are strippers (I’m just saying lol). This is a classic example of niche marketing, and this tactic can make you rich in more ways than one. 

Matrix Puzzle

Blac Chyna has to possess an extremely high IQ level in order to solve such a complex matrix puzzle. First off, a matrix puzzle is a type of IQ problem that measures fluid intelligence which is your reasoning and problem solving ability in new situations. Lol to break it down completely, it works like this: You would like to date the star quarterback at a certain college, only problem is you don’t go to that college. So instead you check the schedule and see that the college you currently attend has a game verses the Target’s college in 5 weeks. So you think about all of the football players on the team that are available, and you only need one to take you serious enough for a little while, so you start dating the kicker at your college. The kicker has a game, and after the game, you start asking questions about where the football players go to after the game, you start early because you don’t want it to be a surprise when you ask him questions about situations and events 5 weeks from now. 5 weeks later, you see that the Target quarterback is having a birthday party in an Instagram post. At this point, you’ve seen who likes his posts, who his friends are and who the friends of his friends are to know if any of them are on the team and how close they are with your current date. You’re definitely going to attend that party, and your current date is going to help you meet the girlfriends or sisters of your current target. In business, this is called hustling. It’s when you start with nothing but a dream and a goal, and you end up with a DREAM.