Month: December 2015

8 Money Lessons No One Taught You In High School

Most adults would agree that many of the valuable money lessons learned over the years were learned the hard way, from real life experiences and costly mistakes. Financial planning, budgeting, saving and investing are things that you generally don’t have to worry about until after you graduate. But the harsh reality for most is that on the other side of […]

The Ultimate Business Credit Guide by Arnita Johnson

Stop using your personal assets to establish your business! It is important to build a strong business foundation from the start so that you can establish business credit correctly. “The Ultimate Business Credit Guide” by Arnita Johnson will show you how and why you start building your business credit profile separately from your personal credit. Purchase Part I of “The […]

Sheneka Adams Offers Business Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

We recently caught up with Sheneka Adams, owner of the S. Adams Collection, to discuss why she decided to give up her career as a video model and pursue her dream of owning her own business. In 2012 Sheneka Adams launched her own hair extensions company and has made more money in a month than most video models today make […]

5 Franchises You Can Buy For Under $50,000

If you’ve ever thought about buying a major franchise but didn’t have the major dollars to put up, here’s some good news: Many of the world’s most popular franchise opportunities require less than a $50,000 initial investment. Here’s a list of 5 major franchise opportunities to consider for 2016: Cruise One -Travel Agency. Cruise One is […]

Mom Raises $84,000 On Kickstarter To Launch Her Naturally Perfect Dolls Company

Finally, a beautiful 18-inch vinyl doll with facial features true to women of color and hair you can style and wash as natural hair. When Angelica Sweeting heard her young daughter wishing for white skin and blonde hair just like her dolls, she decided to launch her own company called Naturally Perfect Dolls. Sweeting created the […]