5 Characteristics of a True Boss


Many people love the idea of being a boss. Unfortunately, not everyone has “boss like” credentials. Your desire to be in charge shows initiative. However, in order to become a boss, a successful one at that, there are several characteristics and abilities you should possess. Here are five.

  1. Building a Team: Being a boss doesn’t mean that you’ll know everything, it means that you should have the ability to bring together a team of people who not only possess your own strengths but your weaknesses as well; teams who’ll be like-minded but will also challenge you to be better.
  2. Ability to Plan & Execute: So you have lots of great ideas, or, you have people who work for you with those great ideas. Now that you’ve built a great team, it’s going to be just as important to learn how to implement and create viable strategies for building a flourishing business. The ability to plan and execute requires great attention to deal and the capacity to follow through on those great ideas you and your team have put together. You’re going to have to be accountable for your follow-through and execution on initiatives.
  3. Ability to Manage People: Being a boss doesn’t just mean what you’re able to do, but, how well you manage the team you’ve hired to do it. It’s important to be diplomatic when executing and assigning tasks but also have the ability to be empathetic and understand human characteristics and needs. Your staff must be able to talk to you and trust your judgement. They must feel a level of comfort to be able to discuss their questions, comments and concerns. Having these abilities will aid you in keeping employee moral high.
  4. Ability to Take Constructive Criticism: Just because you are the boss doesn’t mean that you are exempt from receiving constructive criticism. This goes back to being held accountable for your team, planning and executing on promises. If you’ve built a, somewhat, successful business then your stakeholders will hold you accountable for delivering on deliverables. You must be able to deliver on promises and meet customer needs.
  5. Isn’t Afraid of Failure: A true boss must be able to fail. This is a scary undoing but fear hinders growth. If you are too afraid to fail then you stunt your ability to be innovative and grow. Out of some of the greatest failures came the greatest comebacks. A boss who isn’t afraid of failure also won’t be afraid to take risk and grow.

What are some other characteristics of a true boss?

Written By: Antoinette “Toni” Warren of women’s entertainment and news site cottenkandi.com.