5 Fun Ways To Make Money Using Social Media

If anyone has ever told you “followers don’t equal dollars”, they lied. Although it’s a relatively new concept, there are SEVERAL ways you can use your social media influence to generate income. We’ve been taking notes from #TheWestbrooks sisters. These 5 ladies went from taking selfies to being self-made and self-paid. Keep reading to learn more about their businesses + find out how you too can use sites like twitter, instagram, periscope, even soundcloud to generate some extra income.
india love westbrooks

1. Sponsored Twitter and Instagram posts

I’ve got a million followers now, so you need to give me at least $700 just for a post. I brand myself a certain way so that certain people will gravitate toward me. Not like the cheaper brands.India Love, BET’s The Westbrooks

This is probably the most direct way to make money using social media. The chances of making a lot of money is high if you have a large following, but it is still possible to make money even if you just have a few followers. Companies are willing to pay money for those with a strong influence to advertise their product or services on twitter, instagram and other social media outlets.

Crystal Westbrooks

2. Broadcast Professional Advice Q&A’s using Periscope

Little known fact about me. I’m a full time college student. I’m a senior as a business finance major at Texas Southern University.Crystal Westbrooks, BET’s The Westbrooks

Whether you’re a business coach, financial advisor, fitness coach or life coach, you can do a lot of what you’d normally do in-person at a seminar, but on Periscope instead. Periscope is a popular way a lot of professionals are able to expand their reach by broadcasting live and interacting with their viewers. Once you’ve impressed your followers with your knowledge, start a coaching service. This could turn into a sizable income that requires less of a time commitment than in-person one-on-one coaching.

Brooke Lauren Westbrook

3. Sell Your Own Products on Instagram

My sisters are like walking commercials, anything I put on them, they can make me so much moneyBrooke Lauren, BET’s The Westbrooks, CEO of Shaped by B Lauren
Selling items on instagram is a great way to supplement your income and earn extra money working from home.. or from anywhere, as long as you have a laptop or smart phone. We’ve broken down this formula into an easy to follow step by step guide called How To Start An Online Boutique In 7 Simple Steps


Morgan Westbrooks

4. Earn Money on Soundcloud

Dropping my music this season. Don’t bother me. I’m working.Morgan Westbrooks, BET’s The Westbrooks, Recording Artist/Entrepreneur

Soundcloud is one of the best places to get your music noticed online, but don’t let all of that free exposure go to waste! Add some info on where people can purchase your music (itunes, etc) in your soundcloud bio and you’re on your way to making money.

There are several other ways to monetize your Soundcloud following including charging a set price for a feature. Another idea is to record jingles. Post a sample commercial jingle on SoundCloud to get business owners flocking to you to create music for their commercials, radio ads, etc.


Bree Westbrooks

5. Monetize your YouTube channel

There are so many people out there just like you and just like me. But you have to attract a certain crowd, and your crowd has to be what they love about you. – Bree Westbrooks, BET’s The Westbrooks, Plus-Size Model

Years before The Westbrooks got picked up by BET the girls had a YouTube series. There is a common misconception that you have to have millions of views or subscribers in order to make money on YouTube. Not so. Whether you have 10 views or 10,000 views it is possible generate money using YouTube. Read 5 Different Ways To Make Money On Youtube for more information.

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