5 Hot Work From Home Jobs To Consider for 2017

Start a How-To Cosmetic Tutorial on YouTube

Everyday hundreds of millions of people search YouTube for tutorials… And everyday, people are always asking the people that know how to do certain things, how to do it. How do I get my hair like that? How do I apply make-up like a professional? How do I whiten my teeth?


If you’re a person who knows how to apply cosmetics, how to do a certain hairstyle, or even which hair products a person should use to achieve certain goals, all you have to do in order to make a profit from your knowledge is to create your own YouTube channel, and show the world how to do it per your technique.


YouTube’s pay model is advertisement-based. Every time an advertisement is displayed on your video, whether it’s a banner ad or a video ad, you get paid for it. The more advertisement displays your video generates, the more money your check from Google will be.


YouTuber Bethany Mota has around 10 million subscribers and she specializes in do it yourself tutorials and fashion tips. Two weeks ago, Bethany posted a video that detailed 5 Do It Yourself Christmas gifts and it had nearly 1.5 million views in the past 14 days. Based on the YouTube calculator website, YouTubeMoney.co, that’s between $2,000 to $5,000 that she earned for recording and posting one 7-minute video! That’s more than some people make in an entire month.


If you have beauty tips, fashion sense, or any type of helpful advice to give to the world… give it. You’d be surprise at what the world gives you back! Go to page 2 to read about starting your own fashion boutique!