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Start Your Own Fashion Boutique


I don’t want to be the one to burst your bubble regarding many of your popular online fashion boutiques, but many of them are ordering the same exact outfits and clothing from many of the same sources. One of the most popular places to order the clothes is from AliBaba.com.


For those not in the know, AliBaba is China’s biggest e-commerce company, and many of those dresses that you’re paying $40 for, or the high-waist jeans that are costing you $30, are only $3 to $10 each on Alibaba, depending on how many you order. Items you may spend $80 for in some stores would probably cost you around $18 to $25 on Alibaba, and even less if you’re ordering more and wanna become the plug.


Many online stores place nice sized bulk shipments of in-season apparel, and pay a few popular Instagram models to take some pictures wearing the clothes. In the past, mannequins with perfect shapes were what pulled people in stores, so since you can’t walk past the mannequin online, you’ll need to have an enhanced vision of how good you’ll potentially look in certain clothes.


Order 100 dresses at $6 each and you’ve spent $600 plus shipping. Resale 50 of them at $30 each and you’ve already doubled your money. The other 50 can be sold at a discount while you wait on your new shipment to arrive. Hustle hard, hustle smart. Go to page 3 to read about writing and selling your first novel!