5 Hot Work From Home Jobs To Consider for 2017

Write and Sell Your First Novel


Have you ever had dreams of writing a book? Do you write often in your spare time? What are you waiting for? It’s never been a better time than the present for independent authors or publishers to begin their careers. Amazon has an awesome publishing system that literally requires nothing but your story and your book cover, and you could be on Amazon’s storefront in less than a few hours.


This is the age in where independent authors literally go from living in poverty to making $10,000 or more per month from e-book sales on Amazon. The platform is called kdp.amazon.com and there’s even a tutorial video on the website to show you step by step how to publish your first book.


Once you’ve written and published your e-book, you must market it in order to sell it, but with so many niche book clubs online and on Facebook, it shouldn’t be too difficult to enter a quick search and find book clubs to join. Books take effort to write, so if you’ve written one, you’ve already done a very great task. Make it easy on yourself and start selling yours today! It’s doing you no good sitting on your computer. Go to page 4 to read about creating your first app!