5 Hot Work From Home Jobs To Consider for 2017

Create Your First App


Apps have taken over the world. Face it… the phrase “There’s an app for that” is more powerful now than when it first ever graced your ears. App owners literally spend time trying to figure out what type of app they can create to get people to spend time using it, and then they get paid from all of the advertisements that are displayed on the apps. There are app owners making millions daily, and some making millions monthly.


For example, an app that goes by the name of Free Slots Casino: House of Fun has been making $1 million per week. And it’s free! Why? Most slot and casino apps offer you a certain amount of free chips, and when you run out of chips, they force you to watch an advertisement in order to get more “chips.” Starting your own app may sound like a daunting task, but in actuality, most of the people who own apps, didn’t create their app. They simply outsourced their ideas on a website like Freelancer or Upwork. The rates for app design will probably end up being cheaper than you imagine it to be.


Create a useful or entertaining app, and let the dough rake in. Popular game app Pokemon Go was generating revenue of $15 million per week at the time of this article. Find your app lane and get in it. You have to first dream big to achieve big dreams. Go to page 5 to learn about becoming a hair distributor!