5 Hot Work From Home Jobs To Consider for 2017

Become a Hair Distributor

On a popular site selling Queen Brazilian Virgin Remy hair bundles, the price for a 26-inch bundle is $84. A quick search of Alibaba or DhGate yields several overseas manufacturers and distributors carrying the same hair style and lengths for $9 to $35 each, depending on how much you order. Of course the more you order, the less of a price you can work out with the overseas distributor of choice. Alibaba also has a system in place to show you how long certain distributors have been in business and how many orders they’ve been fulfilling.


It’s always wise to do your research on companies before jumping head-first, but if you live in a city where there is a possible void on a dependable and reasonably priced hair distributor, then this may be a great field for you to spring into. Much like the online boutiques, you can also market this product heavily on Instagram, or Facebook also. There is an ongoing demand for this product, so this will basically come down to whoever has the most available product at any given time.

If you don’t have the funds to make big orders, consider contacting some of the turnkey hair companies that help you start your own website and brand, and they supply the hair while you sell it utilizing your own influence and brand. A quick Google search will turn up several sell your own hair companies.

Many hair distributors have found gold in hair distribution, and many others have found that they don’t have the time required to advertise or build their brands. Before you enter any industry, make sure you research it thoroughly, as we are only providing suggestions and ideas to help push and motivate.