5 Tips To Improve Your Finances

1. Know Your Budget: No matter how scary it may seem, the first step to get control of your finances is reviewing your income and expenses (both fixed and variable). Begin with top priority expenses and work your way down. Examples of top priority expenses include bills, housing, and food. Always honor top priority expenses first.2. Keep up with your expenses: Those nights of eating at your restaurant can surely add up! Indulge in life, but do so with financial intelligence and awareness. Know what you are spending and where you are spending it at. You can keep up with your expenses by making a record of your transactions. If you use a card with most transactions, most banks offer online services that records your expenses. Don’t just record your expenses, monitor them to see what is helping or hurting your budget.

3. Get a savings account: Setting up a separate account is a smart move. Contributing even the smallest amount of money and effort to a savings account can be beneficial in the long run. Keep in mind that a savings account needs intention. Why are you saving and how will it help your budget and financial health in the future?

4. Set a financial goal: It is a challenge, but who doesn’t love a challenge? The satisfaction you receive when you’ve finally paid off a particular debt, or accumulated an extra thousand dollars in your savings is motivation itself. It is possible!

5. Always review: At the end of the month, review your progress. Is your financial system working for your budget? What can you change and what seems to be most challenging for you? Know your finances like you know yourself!

Are you working on improving your financial habits? Share your thoughts in the comments!