6 Dating Tips For The Busy Boss Chick

You’re busy making moves and it seems that turning down casual affairs is the often the best option to get that extra time that you desperately need. Being a Boss Chick is truly a lifestyle. However, when it comes to pursuing a love life, you don’t have to suffer. You may perceive that you are much too busy for dating or to even being in a relationship, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Check out these 5 dating tips for the busy Boss Chick to get you in the game.
1. Make time: The first step to dating is to simply make time. If you truly want to begin dating, isolate time in your busy schedule as if it were one of your work tasks. Schedule frequent times or certain days in the week to go out.

2. Be on one accord with your potential mate: Some people who want to pursue you may not understand why you are busy. Teach them about your lifestyle and in turn, learn about theirs. Give them a picture of what your day is like and your responsibilities.

3. Go where the potential is: As a busy woman, you certainly don’t want to have your time wasted on mates who just don’t match your interests. Go where others are interested in the same thing as you. This could mean the gym, art showings, concerts, or certain events.

4. Just be “normal”: When you’re full-swing in dating, take some time to relax, put on clothing other than professional wear, and to just be your normal self. No need to display your accomplishments and upcoming projects for extra validation. Make sure your potential mate is drawn to the “simple” side of you.

5. Attend an event together: Your next event is the perfect way to spend time together and to see how your date reacts to pieces of your lifestyle.

6. Take advantage of lunch dates: It’s okay to “squeeze in” time here and there. Go out for coffee or hit the cafe for the lunch hour. Short, sweet moments can build anticipation for the next meetup!