7 More Work From Home Jobs To Consider



With the average annual earnings for women being just under $40,000 nationally, the incentive to explore entrepreneurial paths is stronger than ever. The word Boss is defined as a person in charge of a worker or organization; while the term Boss Chick is not limited to any one industry or task. As the nucleus of most household structures, women often assume the roles of homemaker and breadwinner simultaneously. The workload can be tremendous, challenging, and ever changing; but also empowering and rewarding. Some Boss Chicks are born, and some are cultivated by the challenges of life, motherhood, and personal aspirations. Being a successful entrepreneur and parent in today’s economy often happens right next to a bowl of fresh fruit at the kitchen table. Take a scroll with us as BossChicks.com explores 7 opportunities to earn income from the convenience of your own home.

1. Motivational Speaker


Becoming a motivational speaker can yield a minimum of $44,000 a year. Women by nature possess a unique skillset to encourage and motivate fueled by life experience. As the economy improves, opportunities for motivational speakers improve as well. Speakers specialize in motivating other professionals, teenagers, and people in general to build esteem or develop social or professional skills. Motivational speakers are often contracted to speak at seminars, schools, conventions, and a number of other businesses. Experienced speakers can command upwards of a few thousand dollars per appearance and often lead to book deals, film opportunities, and celebrity status.

2. Web Designer

In today’s ever growing digital market, web designers are in high demand. Average salaries for a skilled designer range from 30-$75,000 annually. The job of a web designer includes but is not limited to building custom websites, mobile applications, and writing code associated with digital development. The flexibility of this particular job is perfect for stay at home moms or self-starters who enjoy working independently. Web designers are contracted in just about every industry in today’s market. Skill levels ultimately determine the designer’s income; so some training is recommended. Web designers can secure entry-level contracts with an associate’s degree or less. To obtain growth in the larger markets and function successfully in corporate settings a bachelor’s degree may be required to guarantee the expanded skill set.

3. Business Consultant

Companies all over the globe benefit from hiring consultants to assist with operation related analysis. A well paid consultant may earn anywhere from 92-$118,000 annually. Consultants are hired for a number of reasons including detecting and solving problems, profit and loss evaluation, company structure, branding, marketing, and overall productivity. Working from home allows a consultant the freedom to travel and accommodate multiple clients. The required academic background for this field is usually a minimum bachelor’s degree or MBA for more advanced skill sets. Business consultants are hired in various industries from the concept stage to the day a business opens its doors.

4. Personal Shopper

In today’s consumer driven market, some of the largest U.S. retail chains have personal shoppers on their payroll. A personal shopper on average earns between 26 and $38,000 annually. This is an unconventional trade that may yield a higher salary, and luxurious benefits. If contracted to work with high profile clients, personal shoppers may experience a more demanding work day but enjoy much higher pay. Celebrities and wealthy families contract personal shoppers for everything from clothing to groceries. While there is no formal training specifically for personal shoppers, it would benefit to have a little more than common sense if you’re looking to build a business. Computer skills and business management skills are helpful in this and any other field.

5. Internet Blogger

Some of the most leisure friendly careers in the job market today belong to bloggers. With the shift from print to digital media, bloggers burst onto computer screens worldwide covering everything from food to fashion. According to Forbes, high ranking bloggers report earnings from 60K to six figures. While it is possible to earn six figures as a blogger, it requires both creative and technical skill. Bloggers face the same daily challenge as any business functioning in the digital space to drive traffic to their websites. Once a respectable amount of traffic is obtained, third party income sources are often introduced in the form of affiliate marketing. Companies like Linkshare and Commission Junction provide profitable opportunities with big brands and advertisers by which bloggers can earn on a per click basis. Blogging can also take luxurious turns. Many business, travel, political, and culinary bloggers earn big based on their personal brand credibility and expertise.
6. Graphic Designer

A common necessity in the digital market is quality design. Consumers have a propensity to shop with their eyes before ever touching or experiencing a product. This puts graphic designers in high demand. Graphic designers are hired within companies as often as they are independently contracted. The job of a graphic designer includes illustrating effective brand concepts to reach and engage a brands target market. On average graphic designers earn between 28 and $60,000.
7. Private Tutor

Private tutors were not always able to work from the comfort of their own homes. Thanks to virtual conferencing programs, students and tutors can now effectively engage in one-on-one academic assistance without leaving their living rooms. Private tutors work with students of all ages to improve their performance in a particular subject. Salaries for private tutors vary ranging from 30-$76,000 annually.