Attract The Life You Want To Live


                        “The Cheat Code”

Life didn’t come with handy notes! We write it as we go along. The more guidelines and wisdom we have, the better we can travel safely through the field of material reality to show the life of our dreams. 

For most, many things don’t come easily, and some things seem almost impossible. We are always attracting into our lives what we need for our own growth. The game of life needs/demands sneaky silence, wisdom and staying power. In the end it is our habits that define our pre-planned future. To develop a soul with the ability to work hard for a long time needs/demands focus, dedication, and never giving up!

To make it easier for you, here are ten steps to attract a better life: 

1. Follow your heart 

Live a more happiness-causing (by meeting a need or reaching a goal) life by letting your heart calling guide you. Your heart is tender, kind and guided by meaningful choices. It’s much more likely to do the right thing, rather than making a self-serving ego-most in control/most common decision. 

2. Tune into the Soul. 

Fear doesn’t reside in the soul. Its’ reason for existence is inspiration and clearness. The soul gives you a calling and it’s your (like nothing else in the world) signature and (basic, built-in, important qualities/scent). Follow it, and stay true to yourself. If you’re struggling to hear its call, practice careful awareness. Give up to the simpleness and flow of your soul. 

3. Always see the big picture. 

Don’t get stuck on the small things. Focus on what’s really important and how you can get what you want out of life. 

Create a system/systems that work for you. Being organized helps you define your goals and set methods in how to (accomplish or gain with effort) them. Manage your life effectively by organizing your dreams into small chunks and letting systems guide you toward your goals. Don’t try and rush and complete everything at one time. You will fail less by doing this small step.

4. Develop emotional self-mastery. 

Feelings of love, hate, fear, etc. are the most powerful energy you have. Successful people develop methods to capture and control their feelings of love, hate, fear, etc. Develop passion for who you are and what you are here to add/give. Connect emotionally with what you want to (accomplish or gain with effort). Make it become deeply (beautiful and clear-sounding/emotionally significant). 

5. Create your own truth. 

Stay in touch with who you are. Match yourself to your thoughts, feelings and actions. Don’t try and live someone else’s truth because that can cause you to end up living a lie. Stay fully present to who you are and what you would like to. See yourself as one with your goal, and the goal as already won. 

Be aware of who and what influences you.  We all effect each other in obvious and little ways. Negative people can weigh you down and affect your results. Surround yourself with a support team who can help you deliver on your possible greatness or power. Positive vibes only. 

6. Follow your intuition (gut feeling or deep-down opinion). 

The more you use your (gut feeling or deep-down opinion), the more you build trust in your own intelligience. Successful people make quick decisions. How do they do this? By following their (gut feeling or deep-down opinion). 

7. Have a positive mindset

True and positive statements and seeing (in your mind) support and inspire you to mentally check out or check in. You can order your thoughts via a mind-map. Get plenty of sleep to match up/make even your mind and clear away (messy piles of things). Anything distracting you from having a positive mindset get rid of it immediately. Still the mind through cleaning deep thinking and quiet time. Feed and care for a restful and clear mind through caring for your mind like you would a beautiful garden. 

8. Believe in yourself. 

You are something of real value and you have something (like nothing else in the world) to offer the world. Have faith that you will be supported the more you really show yourself. The whole universe secretly planned to create you so there is a good reason you’re here. If you’re struggling to find it, keep looking, it may be hidden. Yet, don’t get stuck on searching. Too many searchers think that they have some pre-planned future to add/give to civilization, when they would be more productive in choosing a path and sticking to it and seeing the meaning in small acts of kindness. Whether you’re the President of a company or a street sweeper, there is meaning in your being here. 

9. Just Do It! 

The only failure comes in not attempting. There is no actual failure in giving your all whatever the results. Just be sure to learn from failures, as usually they contain the greatest lessons in life.

The only thing more scaring than taking action is taking no action. The bigger the actions, the greater the results. 

10. Always keep the faith. 

The final step is to let go of the result and have faith. Sometimes all it needs is a little faith. A prayer may be the only thing missing. Especially after you’ve defined your goals and taking carefully planned actions in the same way/in that way. Reach out to others as we are part of a community of souls. Social support helps you get through (nothing good exists) times. Have faith that your prayers are answered (even if the answer is ‘not right now’ or ‘not this way’). Have faith that your life does have a purpose. Patience means once in a while, you just need to ‘let go and let God’. 

The final unwritten step is to celebrate victory and accept disappointment when it comes. Celebrating your victories will assist in preparing you for even more victories. 

These are the top ten steps to getting to a better life. Only one more thing to do….

Go Be Great!!