How I Made It! Best Selling Author Shanny Gives You Her Truth! 

How does a person make it by selling books?

We had a chance to sit down with Best Selling Author Shanny to find out exactly how she became a best selling author. Shanny discusses her hurdles, challenges and how she continues to strive for even better success as a Best Selling Author with each new release.



Q: Wow you’re a Best Selling Author and you seem so young. How old are you? 

A: Yes. I am 25 years old.

Q: Where are you from? 

A: I’m from Dawson, GA (chuckles). It’s a small city in Georgia. We literally have no malls or hospitals.

Q:  Is it hard to make it where you live at

A: (pauses) I’d say no because the cost of living is cheaper here because it’s a small town.

Q: How did you become an author?

A: At first it wasn’t easy it was hard I constantly doubted myself. I submitted over three submissions and at first none of them thought I was good enough. So I began to pray and ask God to show me what to do. While waiting on Him to open the doors for me, I continued to write. It was what I wanted so badly and I promised myself that I wouldn’t give up until I got to where I was going. Finally I reached out to an Author and she recommended a publisher she was under at the time, submitted my work and next thing you know I was offered a five book deal.

Q: What’s the most you have received for one month of writing books?

A: The most I’ve made in a month as an author is $3800.

Q: Do you have any obstacles that stand in your way as an author or shall we say entrepreneur, as well? 

A: Yes. I am a mother and sometimes it’s hard being organized and sticking to a set schedule. It’s a challenge balancing time with my children and time with achieving my goals. It takes a lot of balancing and sometimes I feel that I fall short in one area of the other. At the end of the day I want my children to know that I am doing this for them.

Q: With you being in your books and taken care of your children, do you have time for dating?

A: Ummm…yes and no but right now I’m single. 

Q: So you have a new book that will be released. Can you tell us more about that book? 

A: Yes. The name of my new book is Mega’s Passion: A Dawson Love Affair.

Synopsis : Meet 26 year old Jarmell “Mega” Thomas. He is out in the streets hard, trying to handle business. Business always comes first in Mega’s life. He never let anything or no one comes before his Money. He has been in a relationship for five years with his 23-year-old Fiancée of CaLori “Coco” Williams, but things aren’t the same. He is only trying to hold on to her because of their three-year-old son.

Mega was madly in love with CaLori at one point, until she just started changing slowly. She was there for him when he had nothing, and now that he has made it big in the streets he wanted nothing more than to take her to the top with him. With all that was going on in his life, his past was slowly following him, and all the things he thought he had under control were getting out of hand.

When Mega’s high school sweetheart, Ree’Untae, magically shows back up in the city and gives him the shock of his life, he becomes mad at the world for the shocking news that he will receive, but it’s done now. All he can do now is roll with the punches. He is stuck now, trying to rekindle his love for her or just do what he needs to do as a man and keep things the way they are.

Then Chyna “Passion” Watson has some things that she is dealing with on her own. She’s only 18 years old, but she’s having a hard time finding herself. Dealing with her mother and the abuse from her step father is becoming too much for her to bare, but she has no choice but to stay until she gets on her feet and able to do things on her own. She has nothing but a younger sister, and she’s afraid that she is going to go through the same thing that she is going through. Not only is she having to take on the mother roll, she is having to deal with whether she wants to love be loved or both. So, she tries to strive for better with the help of Mega

Q: That sounds like an interesting book. When can we expect this release? 

A: Thank you. It’s will debut on August 11!

Q: Where do you see yourself at and what are your dreams? 

A: My dream is to run a multimillion dollar company and help the needy. I want to have and make enough to give back.

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