Boss Chick Business: 5 Technology Moves Small Business Owners Should Consider

While you may be thinking of improving and upgrading yourself in 2015, don’t forget that your business may be ready for the same treatment. What sort of New Year’s goals have you made for your small business? If it has anything to do with improvement, getting organized, simplifying, and innovating, then consider these few technology trends that can get you started in 2015.1. Get a “Square Reader”. If your small business has on-the-go plans for 2015, you’ll want to make customer support simple. The good thing about Square Reader is that it is universal and can be connected and supported on all devices, is safe and doesn’t store personal information, and offers one affordable rate.

2. Use a Creative Software. What can a creative software system do for you? This is where business marketing and image benefit greatly. Take for example “Creative Cloud”, this creative software is packed with programs such as “Photoshop”, “InDesign”, and “Acrobat Pro” to support the creative and innovative needs of a business’ online aspects. Many of these creative software programs come with team and business options.

3. Replace Your Ordinary POS System. If your business uses an ordinary stationed POS System to handle its transactions, it may benefit from modern technology advances. Businesses that do public events frequently, pop-up shops, and expos need a way to quickly convert their transaction system and luckily, there are tablets can cover that.
4. Consider an Online Storage Service. Paperwork can become an annoyance and clutter at times for businesses who keep up with various files. To reduce paper clutter and utilize a more simple, convenient system of organization, consider online storage systems such as “Drop Box”, “iDrive”, or “Carbonite

5. Use Social Media Management. Social media requires attention and there is no way of escaping it. However, shifting the way your business manages its social media presence is as simple as using social media management enhancers such as “Crowd Booster” or “Sprout Social” which simplifies your approach, automates, and provides statistics and assistance.

Has your business upgraded with any forms of technology?