Boss Chick Business: 8 Tips to Set Up Your Workspace for Success

1. Expand space. Being closed in all day long can be uninspired and overwhelming. If it seems that the walls are closing in on you during the work day, then they probably are (literally). Try expanding the space in your work area. Clear the clutter, rearrange your materials, or space out your furniture.

2. Get organized. To heighten your chance for a successful work day every day, get organized. Take a trip to an office store to see what materials are available for storing papers, organizing materials, and simplifying your system.

3. Inspiration. While staring at work all day, stay inspired! Place inspiring pictures, quotes, and texts in your reach to come to your rescue throughout the day.

4. Personalize your space. Get acquainted with your work space by applying your own personally touch. Use photos, decorative initials, your name, a personal quote, or a personal mission statement to your work area.

5. Keep a calendar handy. In a work day, it is no secret that time is of importance. Keep calendars and planners in your space to stay on track and to remain organized.

6. Go for comfort. What makes you comfortable? Escape the uptight work day by applying comfort. Use decorative pillows, scents, soft music, or even a comfortable chair to invite in comfort.

7. Your favorite things. Place a few of your favorite small things in your work space that make you feel happy, uplifted, or satisfied. Perhaps snacks, candles, magazines or books would do the trick!

8. Decorate. If you’ve grown tired of staring at bland walls, spice things up. Tap into your inner interior-decor capability as much as you are allowed for your work space. Use colors, brighten up your space, use plants, and trendy office materials.


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