Boss Chick Business: Avoid These 4 Marketing Mistakes

1. Business Card Drop-Offs. One overlooked fact about business cards is that its power lies in presentation. Not only the way it looks, but the way its carrier presents it. You may have seen business cards make their way to public bulletin boards, bathrooms, and even windshields. Sadly, these poorly presented business cards will more than likely be overlooked, tossed, or forgotten. In turn, the business will be overlooked and forgotten.2. Using All Forms of Social Media. As a business owner, taking advantage of social media marketing is vital, however, trying to cater to each of those outlets can actually harm your marketing strategy. Most business owners who take advantage of social media marketing make the mistake in utilizing every form of social media that can be found with the thought that it will further their exposure. In social media marketing, your strategy is only effective if your business chooses the social media outlets that your target market uses most. Do your research: In what social media outlet is your target market most present in? Use these social media outlets and be consistent in them.

3. A Website with No Strategy. The thought of a website seems so “official” to most. However, having no strategy with your website is a waste of time. In order for your website to have a strategy, there must be a vision. Where do you see your business going, and how will your website contribute to your business’s progress and goals? Is it the haven to purchase your products and services? Is there an updated blog? Whatever your website may be, it should contribute to your overall vision and goals for your business.

4. Neglecting the Target Market. Many business owners enter desperation by trying to get the word out about their business to anyone and everyone. The truth is: Not everyone is going to take interest in what your business has to offer, however, your target market will. When a business attempts to cater to each and every market there is besides their target market, the business’s image can be perceived as inconsistent, unfamiliar, confusing, and uninteresting. This will cause your target market to turn their attention elsewhere.