Boss Chick Fashion Guide: Professional Wardrobe Fashion Rules and How To Break Them!

It’s no secret that fashion has traveled quite a distance since women first began to make an impact on the professional world. In the professional world, fashion is viewed in a much different light than everyday fashion, creating a strict dress code and nearly no room for style and trend.The question still remains: Is there room for style in trend in a professional wardrobe? Believe it or not, fashion can make its way into the professional wardrobe without distorting its esteem. Read on for five ways to break today’s fashion rules for your professional wardrobe.

The Rule: Black and grey suits are the only options for a professional wardrobe.
Break It: It is okay to wear different color suits as a professional. Go for non-traditional colors such as off-whites, brighter blues, lighter greys, or colors of the season.

The Rule: Patterns have no place in a professional wardrobe.
Break It: Patterns are ever-popular today, even in the professional wardrobe. Patterned coats, a patterned scarf, or a simple pattern can easily be incorporated into a professional wardrobe along with solid colors and simple silhouettes.

The Rule: Accessories are risky.
Break It: Accessories can dress up any wardrobe, and the options are plenty! Depending on your profession, you may be able to experiment with statement pieces over simple silhouettes, belts, or scarves.

The Rule: “Fancy” shoes are banned.
Break It: Shoe makers are taking note of and catering to the need of a stylish professional wardrobe. Brands are increasingly upgrading traditional styles with unique and trendy touches. Take for example Charlotte Olympia’s shoe collaboration with J. Crew. Classic, yet trendy.