Boss Chick Finances: 4 Money Misconceptions To Escape Now

Let’s face it, a healthy majority of us have not been schooled properly when it comes to finances and money management. The majority of our financial habits have been instilled in us at an early age, and truthfully do not serve us well. Thankfully, it is never too late to clean up our habits, reprogram our mindsets, and manage our finances a bit differently. Begin changing up the future of your finances by escaping these 4 money misconceptions now!1. Financial increase should mean material upgrades: Several reports reveal that millionaires and billionaires are not as drawn to purchasing the latest name brand item, car, smart phone, etc. So many people who are considered to generate “low income” are said to more than likely be drawn to buy into material upgrades when their finances upgrade. Upgrading your expenses consistently with your income upgrade keeps financial increase stagnant or nonexistent.

2. There’s nothing to do with money but spend it: So many people strive to gain money, just so that it can be spent on whatever. This is because they work for their money, not knowing that money can work for them. Of course, money is for spending, however, there are ways to spend money a bit smarter. Try investing your money to receive profit and research savings options.

3. Anything can be bought: With all of the inventions on the market, it’s a little hard to believe that money can’t buy anything, but truly, money cannot buy anything. A lot of people are stuck with the misconception that money can buy wisdom, class, love, happiness and many more things. It’s just not true.

4. Money is “bad”: Surely, not many of us can see anything “bad” or “evil” about paying bills, purchasing necessities, living comfortably, or living abundantly. Sadly, so many unfortunate things happen which involve money, however, money itself and the things it can provide for your life is nothing to fear.

What are some money misconceptions that have taken over your finances? Give us your feedback in the comments!