Boss In Training: 7 Ways to Prepare For Your Career While in College

1. Join a Group or Club: Joining a group or club in college is the easiest way to network. Not only that, but it puts the fun in the college experience and presents fresh and new opportunities and experiences.
2. Build Your Portfolio: After graduating, employers and clients want to see your knowledge in physical form. Throughout the years, creating a collection of your best work and displaying significant projects and work that demonstrates your ability and accomplishments in your profession will speak volumes in the future.
3. Intern: An internship is perfect for getting an idea of what your career life will be like. Though you may not be aiming for the same position that you are interning in, being in the career atmosphere and getting insiders from staff are valuable tools of preparation.4. Make New Friends: Who do you know? Your friends are more valuable than you may think. Adding to your network is always a valuable move to make. New friends mean new wisdom, new connections, new opportunities, and new support.

5. Utilize On-Campus Career Resources: If you’re paying for your education, why not take full advantage of it? Colleges and universities offer valuable resources that provide further education on career paths, resume-writing, job openings, and higher education programs.

6. Travel: One of the most eye-opening experiences is the action of traveling. No matter where you go, or how far you go, traveling should be on your college to-do list. Travel is a great tool to develop adaptation skills, communication skills, and to conquer the fears of doing new things. Give it a try!

7. Get Recommendations: Somewhere during your college experience, you’ll have a course that you may have excelled in, a job or position that you have held, a professional source that you have acquired, or a significant connection that has impacted your experience. Utilize these sources to speak greatly on your behalf to potential employers and to attest to your skill-set and abilities.