Breaking Down Blac Chyna’s Good Morning America Interview

Blac Chyna on Good Morning America


What it means to be a celebrity without a primary source of work… means that you have to capitalize on all publicity, engulfing as much attention as you possibly can. Instead of depositing money into a bank account, it’s now become acceptable to deposit followers– whether the followers hate you or love you, the bottom line seems to be the overall number of those that feel however they feel about you. Once you have a size-able audience of lovers and haters, someone is going to come along who would be willing to pay you for your influence. Simple right?

In order to find people who love and hate you, you have to learn and understand how to push buttons; and that’s where Blac Chyna excels at. You have to first know how to get around a circle as affluent as the Kardashians before you can even think about pushing buttons on that caliber. You have to admit, although it makes some people cringe, it’s not an easy task whatsoever. Her Good Morning America interview was just as cringe-worthy as the rest of her actions, although she still managed to do what she has always done… push buttons, generating more hate and more love simultaneously–the art of attaining followers.

The interview begins with the reporter asking Blac Chyna one of the easiest questions she could open up with.

“What was your reaction when you first saw Rob’s posts about you?”

To which Blac Chyna calmly, and I mean CALMLY answers. “I was devasted, of course. I’m like how could… somebody like post… these pictures of me… and I’m like… like… wow….ok… like this is a person that I trusted… I just felt…”

At this point the reporter, ready to get on to more difficult questions, suggests a word from her vocabulary. Not a difficult word, just a simple one… So simply in fact, that if a person really felt this way, it would probably be the first thing they said when asked such a question.


“Yea. Betrayed.” (Editor’s note: I screenshot the exact moment that Blac Chyna said she felt betrayed, and it is the exact picture I’m using at the top of this article. Don’t you see the hurt and pain this woman is dealing with? Joking, we really don’t know how this woman  feels, so don’t come for us.)

Let’s just skip ahead to my favorite question. Not saying that her other question/answer sets weren’t interesting, it’s just that none of them carried as much weight as this question.

“Why did you send Rob a video of you with another man?”

(Editor’s Time Out. Exhales. Lissen… First of all, when you deal with a girlfriend or boyfriend, you start to learn their level of jealousy and insecurity. You also know how to tap those buttons lightly, and how to press those buttons harshly. If you just gave a sensitive outcast his very first child, an outcast who was publicly labeled a simp, duck, chump, mama’s boy at that… and a few months later you’re sending a video of yourself hugged up and kissing another man, I think that means you felt like raising your pettiness level up to a point of psychological warfare against your former lover. That’s an attack on the mental foundation of this man’s psychological well-being. It starts to become the equivalent of pushing a man down who was walking with crutches. Ok vent over lol. About that question… let’s see…)

“You know… I’ve been broken up with Rob since December. And it’s like… if somebody keeps poking at you and poking at you and poking at you and keep poking at you… eventually you’re gonna pop. And so… maybe if I send this video to him, just maybe he’ll leave me alone.”

Yea right. Like maybe if I made a video and told the IRS I couldn’t pay my taxes because I’m investing in a weed farm, maybe they’ll leave me alone.

The next question pretty much sums up all of his ridiculous behavior, and zooms in on the reality of it all, although Blac Chyna brushed it off as if the question was never asked.

“Now… Is there any truth in that he thinks that you two were still together at the time… Is that possible?”

“No, not at all.”

Right. We’re nowhere close to being on a level of complete financial freedom, but even we have to keep reminding people that we are no longer together. Hell, sometimes people have to remind us too. But hey, we’re just writers having fun with the alphabet, pay us no attention.Never-mind that the lawyer is trying to capitalize and raise her profile by continuing to press the issue regarding the prosecution of “revenge porn” in California. I wonder how far they’re going to try to go with that. Doesn’t seem like anyone truly cares about prosecuting Rob, it just seems like everyone trying to capitalize off of a vulnerable element of the Kardashian clan. Especially the attorney.

To summarize this madness, we think that both parties are at fault; both Rob and Angela; and we pray for Dream, because kids can sense energy and grow into it whether you’re intentionally introducing them to the energy or masking it. We pray for the well-being of this little girl– and no matter which side you agree with, I think the one thing that we can all agree on is that this little girl doesn’t deserve to be raised in confusion.