Build Your Empire: 5 Reasons You Should Work with Corporate Clients

work with corporate clients

Have you ever considered working with corporate clients? There are tons of businesses and non-profits that need your skills and talents!

There are groups and organizations that have received funding that they want to spend with you!

As you may know, in the past two years I have built a thriving educational business projected to hit 6 figures at the end of this quarter!

What you may not have known is that I do 85% of the things that I learned from my job working a full time job! I simply learned to offer my skills to organizations that needed and valued my specific skill set.

Now, I charge 10X the hourly rate that I made before!

Have you ever considered serving corporate clients with your talents? If not, here are 5 reasons that you should!

1. They have larger budgets, which means that you can make more money per client than serving individuals.

2. You can do the same things that you were trained to do at your job and make a lot more money!

3. You can serve more people at one time using the One to Many model.
4. You can make a bigger impact on the world now that you are working with groups of people instead of individuals!

5. You can grow faster and bigger because your generating large amounts of revenue on demand!

I’ve decided to create a 4 week mastermind for ladies (and gents) interested in learning more about the process that I use to charge my corporate clients $1500 + per day to do the things that I love!
During our month together we’ll discuss…
– creating your packages
– identifying the clients you should target
– review contracts and billing
– how to make it work while you work full time
and much more!
Learn More about the Book Your First Corporate Clients – 4 Week Mastermind!
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