3 Tips to Design Your Career Escape Plan

Design your career escape plan
You’re a super talented professional with unique knowledge and experience.  You’re “go-to” girl in the office whenever anyone (including your boss) has a question.


Are you thinking about testing the waters of entrepreneurship?  Have you been dreaming of the day when you can create something that actually makes the world a better place?  Reaching your goal of Moguldom all starts with a solid plan.  Here are components of a career escape plan that can take you from employee to Fearless Entrepreneur!


1. Get Clear about your value – What skills and knowledge can you use to improve the lives or other people.  Do you have some special information that will benefit organizations and/or businesses?


2. Get clear about the customers that you’re meant to serve – What type of people do you want to work with?  Who do you want to serve.  Make sure that the people you choose recharge you and make your work enjoyable.  Remember that you’re planning your new life.  Dream big and get specific!


3. Know Your Power Numbers – Understand what it’s going to take to make your dream a reality.  What will it take to replace the paycheck from your job with the income for your business?  Here are a few things to consider.


 – the pricing of your services
 – your monthly income goals
 – the daily actions to meet (and exceed) your income goals.


Need help creating your rock solid career escape plan?  Download the FREE Guide, “Design Your Escape Plan” and plan your new future like a pro!