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8 Money Lessons No One Taught You In High School

Most adults would agree that many of the valuable money lessons learned over the years were learned the hard way, from real life experiences and costly mistakes. Financial planning, budgeting, saving and investing are things that you generally don’t have to worry about until after you graduate. But the harsh reality for most is that on the other side of […]

The Ultimate Business Credit Guide by Arnita Johnson

Stop using your personal assets to establish your business! It is important to build a strong business foundation from the start so that you can establish business credit correctly. “The Ultimate Business Credit Guide” by Arnita Johnson will show you how and why you start building your business credit profile separately from your personal credit. Purchase Part I of “The […]

5 Best Angel Investment Organizations For Women-Owned Businesses

If you are looking for an angel investor to help with the funding needed to grow your business then look no further. Here are 5 women owned angel investment organizations that are looking to provide capital for women-owned businesses. 1. Golden Seeds – This angel investment organization is an early-state investment firm with an emphasis on women […]

4 Common Mistakes That Will Lower Your Credit Score

We recently sat down with Arnita Johnson of Luxurious Credit for an exclusive interview on the importance of establishing and maintaining good credit. Arnita says the 4 things that tend to hurt our credit scores the most are: Late payments Collection Accounts Charge-offs Repossessions Anything derogatory, such as late payments, collection accounts, charge-offs, repossessions can hurt your credit […]

How To Get Money For Your Business When The Bank Says “No!”

One of the things every business, small or big, needs is money. Without a sound bank balance and a steady cash flow you can pretty much expect your small business to run into some big problems in the near future. Borrowing money from the bank with an agreement to return the money at a fixed time with a […]

Egypt Sherrod says “We Can’t Depend on Society to Teach Kids About Money”

Egypt Sherrod, author of ‘Keep Calm… It’s Just Real Estate’, and host of the HGTV series Property Virgins, wants parents to know the importance of being financially literate and of passing that knowledge on to your children. “We are not teaching our kids about wealth preservation. And that’s the key. You can make a great salary. You […]