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Sheneka Adams Offers Business Advice For Aspiring Entrepreneurs

We recently caught up with Sheneka Adams, owner of the S. Adams Collection, to discuss why she decided to give up her career as a video model and pursue her dream of owning her own business. In 2012 Sheneka Adams launched her own hair extensions company and has made more money in a month than most video models today make […]

Ming Lee Shares How She Turned Her $500 Investment Into A Million Dollar Empire

Many of you know of Ming Lee from social media, or perhaps you’ve visited her Snob Life Studio hair salon in Atlanta. Maybe you’ve attended one of the many brand building seminars she’s held across the country. Either way you know the name, which speaks volumes about how Ming Lee has been able to successfully […]

Arnita Johnson of Luxurious Credit Talks Fearless Finances and Credit Repair

Boss Chicks has the scoop on putting an end to credit woes with Arnita Johnson, CEO of Luxurious Credit and AMB Credit Consultants! To want more, do more, and see more! It’s the nature of a Boss Chick. One part of being a Boss Chick is being financially savvy and making wise decisions when it […]

Powerhouse Physiques CEO Anowa Adjah Talks Being Confident, Curvy, and the Future of Fitness

Wondering what revolutionary fitness looks like? Then, take a look at Anowa Adjah, CEO of Powerhouse Physiques LLC. Adjah is a master fitness trainer, motivational speaker, and all-around powerhouse. We were eager to speak to Anowa. The Boss Chicks team wanted to grasp some of her concepts: The idea of what it means to be […]

Meet Miss Diddy: L.A.’s Leading Lady and Industry Goal-Digger

A goal-digger is a woman who chases dreams, and not just money. She’ll show you how to do this, hun! Everybody wants to be on the scene, but hardly anyone wants to create it. Meet the woman who does! Today’s Bosschick exclusive and featured female is none other than true hustler and Hollywood sweetheart-Miss Diddy. […]

Celebrity Hairstylist Ming Lee is Beauty, Brains, and Businesswoman

Ming Lee knows what it’s like to go from nothing to something. From a young age she always knew that she wanted to ‘take over the world’. To carry out her mission Ming relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, USA from Detroit, Michigan to focus on her life long passions: hair, fashion, and glamour. With strong influences […]