Dear Beautiful Black Woman


Poetry for beautiful black women.

You are still loved. Admired. Coveted. Wanted. Praised. Never for a moment think that you have to compete with an Instagram picture, or live your life by the rules of some opinion or random meme shared on social media. You don’t have to be a certain skin tone, a certain weight, height, or be of a certain success level. You are still loved. You don’t have to compete with your friend’s relationship status, you don’t have to live in fear of being hurt, even if you’ve been neglected in the past. You don’t have to cry at night of loneliness, or wake up in confusion and nervousness. The world is big and powerful, but nothing is more grand than your grace. You are still loved.


You don’t have to bask in disappointment of things that didn’t go the way you planned. You don’t have to look in the mirror asking yourself what’s wrong with you. You don’t have to humble yourself. For what? You’re the most beautiful thing in existence. You are more breathtaking than the prettiest of sunsets– and this is a fact. Take a poll and ask men if they’d rather stare at you or a sunset, and the vast majority will take you on any given day, rain, hail, or shine. Your skin glows with the missing elements of happiness, and your smile outlines the picture perfect symmetry brilliance. You are loved.


Even when you are hated… You are loved. You are feared and misunderstood at times, but you are loved. There is nothing more soothing than the presence of a beautiful black queen, nothing more enchanting than her touch, and the only thing in this world that a man would take as the equivalent to a dollar bill, is her prayers. Mother, sister, wife, aunt, girlfriend, daughter– Whatever your role shall be in another person’s life, just understand… you are loved.