Brandi L. Spencer Presents The Design Your Escape Plan Virtual Intensive

design your escape plan

Women of color are starting business faster than any other group.  We’re also typically the head of household, so many women are choosing to build their empires while they work a full time job.

Common Questions:

How do I finance my vision?

What types of products and services should I offer?

How do I start getting paying customers?

How do I use social media to sell my products and/or services?

When is the right time to quit my job?

Entrepreneur, trainer, and speaker Brandi L. Spencer will host The Design Your Escape Plan Virtual Group Intensive, on April 2, 2016, to answer these questions and more.  The small group session (limited to 12 women) will provide participants with the clarity, confidence, and strategy to transition from employee to Fearless Female Entrepreneur!

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