DJ’ing Has Created More Women Millionaires Last Year According To FORBES

DJ Kyra Chaos recently did an interview on the Tax Season show where she talks about her transition from the urban modelling world into becoming a DJ, and what influenced her decision.

Instagram made everybody a model, but back when I was doing it you really had to be poppin. So I’m like, “it’s bout to be over for (video models). I gotta do something else”. In this industry you have to recreate yourself, [people] get bored. I’ve always loved music. I know I didn’t want to rap, and I know I can’t sing. So I was like… I think I want to be a DJ.

Kyra has spent the last few years perfecting her craft and building her brand Shez The DJ.

dj kyra chaos

I didn’t want to be the girl that was just physically attractive. I always wanted to leave a mark. I just didn’t want to be the girl who had her a** out on the cover of the magazine. Cause it’s only for the moment. That’s just supposed to be a stepping stone, and then you cross over and do something else. I’ve always had a business mind and I knew I wasn’t going to be a model forever.  I’m tryna get these millions.

kyra chaos dj

And if you’re wondering if DJ’s really get paid millions of dollars, they do. DJ Paris Hilton (yes, DJ Paris Hilton) earns up to $1 million per night and Twin sisters DJ Olivia and DJ Miriam, also known as NERVO, made an estimated $9 million last year according to FORBES.

Kyra Chaos (who is also a twin) says she has been well received by other women DJ’s, but not so much by her male competitors:

dj kyra chaos 2

Some DJ’s show love. And some DJ’s …don’t like my pictures no more (laughs). But I show love to everybody. It’s enough money out here for everybody. We all can get this money.

Like, Paris Hilton and the Nervo sister, Kyra is traveling worldwide getting this international DJ money, and has recently travelled to Florence and Milan. To book Kyra Chaos for your next party contact