My Dreams Didn’t Line Up With My 9-5

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Let’s face it. Everyone wants to be that CEO. A person who takes charge of their own schedule and their own lives. Nobody really wants to work a 9-5 unless it is a 9-5 that allows the flexibility. That is if you like the flexibility because some like structure and that is okay. We weren’t all created for a 9-5 but there are some out there who desire that 9-5. Anyways this post is just to encourage those who have that creative side and want to get out of the box but just don’t know if you should or how you should. This is part of the reason bosschicks was created to help you get out the box and motivate and build your own.

Work on your own goals even while you work your 9-5. You should be working on your own goals at least three to four hours a day. So if you have to work on them from 5-9 or 7-10 or 6-8…dedicate that time every day and you will force the universe to align with your deepest desire(s) to reach that goal.

Benefits of working YOUR own company from “BossQueen”

I love working my own hours and traveling when I please. Things I do not take for granted…

That moment when you realize that you’ve gone from the pursuit of happiness…to just being happy. This is when I stepped out on faith and quit my 9-5.

It’s crazy when you look up and the tomorrow you were once worried about is now yesterday…and you then realize you are okay.

If you’re a believer and if you’re not still- Always trust that what you believe to be “your” higher power has in store for you may be bigger than the dreams you have for yourself.

The best things in life are unexpected … because there are no expectations- when I learned this nothing else mattered because I had no expectations

Never lose sight.

People will call you ‘crazy’ and say your goals are unrealistic. Maybe they’re crazy and should learn to dream bigger…

Want to do something? Do it. Then tell everyone about it AFTER the fact because negative opinions are no longer valid after it’s done and you’ve succeeded. – Not everyone will understand your purpose

Detach from the outcome and be concerned only with the process stay in the moment- Don’t worry about the end just make sure you stay steady during the process.

And last but not least..

You shine the brightest when you are in your purpose… It may be scary but your blessings are attached to your purpose …- Trust me I was there and once I crossed out the fear the universe opened up and I started receiving.

Now I’m not telling you to give your notice to your employer today…no I’m simply saying if you thought about it or think about it often like I did…then this is something for you to pray, meditate and talk to someone about. Just be careful who you share your vision with. Not everyone is a dreamer some are dream killers.

Peace, Love, Light…