Every Ghetto Has a Heaven (Part 1) (Blac Chyna Fan Fiction)

Blac Chyna Fan Fiction

(A fictional piece about growing up in the hood and making it by any means necessary)

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“Bitch! This is the last damn time you gon’ come into my house all these crazy ass times of the night! This is my house! You follow my rules!”


Heaven ignored her mother and walked in leaving the door wide open.


“Bitch have you lost your fuckin mind?” Her mother screamed with her hands on her hips.


“I’m leaving this shit! My nigga just got a record deal with Def Jam. You won’t never have to worry about bringing your crackhead ass fucking friends around me ever again Mama!” Heaven screamed as she grabbed a small suitcase and sat it on her bed. She packed whatever she could fit in the bag as quickly as she could. When she looked up, her mother was standing in the doorway with her hands on her hips.


“Bitch you look like a fuckin blow-fish! You ain’t got nothing a man would ever want! You’re skinny as a fuckin tooth pick, and your face shaped like a got damn iphone emoji! You got long ass feet, bitch you ain’t got no talent, shit… the only reason that nigga still fuckin with you is because you so willing to open your got damn legs and give him some pussy!”


Heaven was seething hot, but she was trying to hold her composure. She’d fought her mom on numerous occasions, and knew that the only thing that was going to happen was another long conversation with the damn police. Her mama never fought fair. She was so spiteful and dirty, and she hated that about her, but she knew one day she would pay her back.


She pulled her suitcase towards the door and stood In front of her mother with a smirk on her face. “Ain’t shit you can say to ruin my self-esteem Mama! I been growing up watching you smoke crack my whole life! We been broke forever! I’m sick of living with the roaches. Donnell loves me! He loves me! I helped him get where he is today! I helped him with his music career! He loves me!” Heaven screamed, emotion clenching her body.


“That nigga don’t love you no more than the man on the fuckin moon! You so damn stupid! You just a dumb ass 18 year old, but you gon learn one day!”


“Ma stop saying that! He owes me! I helped him! He–”


“This world don’t owe you shit! Anything you get in this world, you gotta TAKE! You won’t get nowhere thinking the world owes you a got damn thing! You think I’m bullshitting or tryna be mean, but what you gon do when this nigga fuck over you? Bitch you 18 years old, you think you ain’t gon get fucked over out here? Bitch you gon end back up right here begging me for a place to fuckin stay! You got life fucked up bitch!”


Heaven pushed her mother out of her way and gave her luggage a violent tug. “I ain’t never coming back here if it’s the last thing I do! I’ma make it in life by all means, no matter what the fuck I gotta do to make it! I watched you be a fuckin pathetic crackhead whoree of a mother and I will never–”

Smack! Heaven’s mother cocked her hand back and slapped the shit out of her. She reached her hand up to hit her again and Heaven was about to charge at her when she felt a strong hand on her shoulder.


“Baby is everything ok?” Donnell asked as he stared down at her.


Just like that everything was better. She forgot about hitting her mother back, forgot about all of the hurtful words her mother had launched at her, forgot about all of her problems, and the only thing she could feel was the way her man loved her. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. Donnell was her protector, her lover, her ride or die, her Clyde, her everything.


“Let’s just get out of here Donnell!” Heaven said, out of breath. She left the luggage and turned to jog out of the house. Donnell picked up her bag and went after her. He closed the door to the house and walked up to her quickly.


“Baby you ok?” Donnell said as he stood in front of her. His phone kept vibrating in his pocket, but he kept ignoring it. Someone had been calling him for the past 10 minutes straight.


“Yes… I’m ok Donnell…” Heaven said through tears… My Mom… Man… She’s so rude! She said you didn’t love me, you don’t care about me, you’re gonna use me, she just always so fuckin negative!”


Donnell shook his head and wrapped his arms around Heaven. He took one hand and pulled her ear close to his lips. “Baby you have nothing to worry about… Don’t stress please… All I’m doing is handling business and loving you… Trying to work hard day and night to make a decent living for the both of us… I love you baby.” He said, reassuring Heaven.


But as he spoke those words, he was sending those same exact words out via a text message behind Heaven’s back. He hit send and powered his cell phone down.


“I love you Heaven. You know that…”


Heaven smiled naively. Nobody could tell her anything about her man. She loved him, and he loved her, and they would be together forever.

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