Everybody Lives For The Weekend, But Are You Living For Today?


So it’s midweek and who out there is feeling it? Are you wishing it was Friday already? What about those who have their own companies and Friday never comes. We have to work thru the weekends too. Well I decided to share with you a little humpiness (and yes I made up that word), I know it’s Bosschicks.com and we’re supposed to keep it professional but can we just go against the rules today and laugh a little… Blah….

Sunday night comes and we are grieving over the fact that Monday morning will be rearing it’s ugly head…so we tend mass, church, seminary or just lay in the bed all day. Watching NFL football (I’m guilty of this) and eating bon bons while waiting for Sunday dinner to be completed…

Monday morning comes and we don’t want to get out of the bed. No coffee, tea, caffeine could do the trick it’s just Monday and we have the blues, right…

Tuesday morning comes and it’s just Monday’s evil twin..reminding us of the mundane of the day to day we have to experience…

Wednesday comes…this is when we get a sigh of relief. For some reason Wednesday is far enough from Monday but close enough to Friday…Wednesday gets special treatment. We’re a little happier getting up, we have a little pep in our step…waiting for Thursday.

Thursday comes…we basically are celebrating Friday being next door so we call this Pre-Friday. We rename the whole day…this is when most of those who work a 9-5 are online looking for “plans” for the weekend…. (I won’t tell your boss you do it during work hours, but I see you often on my timeline)..shhhh your secrets safe with me :)…THEN…FINALLY

Friday comes…we’re all happy, we’re about to get paid whether we get paid weekly, or bi-weekly and even the ones who get paid monthly are still happier on Friday…so what do we do…wait for Friday night to get the .99cent Redbox movies, (well they raised it to $1.29 now), price of demand I tell ya…ha..or we go out with friends or just spend the night doing absolutely nothing trying to recoup from M-Th…

Saturday comes…lazy mornings, lazy afternoons, we may run a few errands, may get out and mow the lawn, may go to the mall but the point is no one dictates our day..but US

Sundays….we get in a funk all over again thinking about Monday coming…and the cycle repeats itself.

So after seeing the same cycle over and over again I decided to do this:

Live each day like it’s my last.

Never let anyone get me down or anything for that case…

Never think that things are too good to be true limiting myself from living life fully and in a routine…

Never count the next day without enjoying the day I’m in.

With those 4 practices everyday is like “Wednesday” to me. You know that feeling of satisfaction being far from Monday yet close to Friday. What if we lived our lives being satisfied every day? I think we would be much happier and appreciative. So let’s throw away the thrill of living for the weekend and just live for today. Want to join me? I know you’re tempted….

Enjoy each day like it’s your last! Connect with me on social media @bosschicks and let’s push each other to enjoy each day! We may end up at the same mid-week party one day…you never know!

Love ya Bosses,