Exclusive: Shoe Talk With Emily B.

Whose ready to get Autumn-time fine with Emily B? Celebrity stylist and shoe connoisseur Emily B is no stranger to a fly pair of high heels. The former TV-personality turned shoe designer opened up to Bosschicks.com to discuss in detail the debut of her shoe line and what makes strutting in her heels so unique.

When asked about the “Blackbird” decal carefully placed on the sole of each Emily B. shoe, the entrepreneur replied:

“Well to me the bird represents freedom. You know. You can fly anywhere. And for me the blackbird represents that. So it’s not walking but it’s flying.. you can fly away in my shoes [laughs]!
And for the women who are looking to stay fashionable and comfortable at the same time, your royal flyness ensures that will not be an issue. “[My shoes are] absolutely comfortable, stretchy, for the girls with big calves- all that!”
Shop some of our favorite picks from the Emily B shoe collection online at www.shopEmilyB.com and www.shopflyJane.com