Feeling Down? Here Are Six Steps To Regain Your Go-Getter Attitude


1. Be Real With Yourself. Have you lost motivation? To find the source of the problem, be real with yourself. Find out what you are truly passionate about. A lot of times, we can’t access our true passions because of the overpowering voice of others and the pressure to be ideal. Also, what questions and concerns arise in your mind when It’s time to take action. It’s time yo face them head on and finally address them. However, don’t beat yourself up.

2. Slow Down. Even the most productive and motivated women can become overwhelmed or “burned out” because they tend to take on much more than they can handle. Simplify your focus, recommit, and let go of what cannot currently be handled. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

3. Commit in Public. This may be a hard one, but how eager are you to get started and make things happen? When we set out to.accomplish something great, the tendency is to hide our ambition and in fear of failure or to lessen responsibility. Reverse this mentality by making a public commitment. Tell people what you’re going to do. This generates harmless pressure and an extra “push”. People can then cheer for you, remind you, and maybe even count on you.

4. Grab Some Inspiration. It seems a little obvious, but inspiration is the perfect thing to get you back up and running. So many women are unable to even pinpoint their source of inspiration. It’s time to establish what exactly your inspiration is.

5. Get a support system. Many go-getters have the tendency to face every obstacle on their own, and attempt to handle every single thing by themselves. Though this may serve us for a little while, it can eventually lead to burnout and stress. Why miss out on the benefits of support? Even if It’s just one person, or your child, find someone who is cheering for you and keep them near.

6.Keep a Daily reminder. Develop an in-your-face representation of what you desire that can be viewed daily. Try creating a vision board, using sticky notes, writing messages to yourself, or writing down goals and end results.