Former Food Stamp Recipient Starts Online Grocery Delivery Business. EBT Cards May Soon Be Accepted.

Just a few years ago, Ashley Tyrna was on food stamps. Now her company may become the first online grocery delivery service to allow customers to pay with their EBT card.

FarmBox Direct allows it’s users to shop for fresh fruits and vegetables online. They recently launched an initiative to accept food stamp cards as a payment method in the near future.

There is a common misconception that people who live in low income areas don’t want to eat healthy. However, Ashley believes the majority of those who live in “food deserts” would love to buy fresh fruits and vegetables if there were more fresh food markets in their neighborhood as opposed to convenience stores.

Affordability is also an issue when it comes to purchasing fresh fruits and vegetables for many families. However Ashley says her prices are aligned with the monthly budget of the average food stamp recipient, and is affordable to most.

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