From Unemployment To Six Figures- How Author/Publisher Mz. Lady P Did It

When we sat down and interviewed Mz. Lady P, we were shocked at her level of determination and perseverance. The level of strength and magnitude of growth that she contained to go from being a mother at 16 to believing in herself and pursuing her dreams as an adult.
With a Bachelors of Science in Criminal Justice the 34 year old, single mother & corrections officer, in the city of Chicago found herself unemployed. It was during this time she realized having a higher education and being a part of the judicial system was still no guarantee in life.

As she sat and thought about her next move she decided to pursue her dream and passion which was writing. She sacrificed a personal life and began to give up her party girl ways. “I loved to hang out and kick it with my friends everyday. In order to achieve the success that I have I had to let go of all things that held my mind in captivity. I had to give up all things that had the potential to steer me away from my goals”

She began writing under the development of David Weaver and Shan Presents, two of the top Urban Romance publishing companies. But let’s back up…

Patrice Williams, publicly known as, Mz.Lady P in the urban book world was making the monthly salary of $1200 for one year on unemployment. Once her unemployment ended she knew she would have to pursue a new career full-time. What happened next she couldn’t believe.

She wrote a book titled ” Thug Passion” which she went on to make it a three series novel. This is the book that actually allowed her to quit unemployment, get off public assistance and start taking trips with her children who are her biggest inspiration.

When asked , what did your first check look like? The answer was shocking. Her first BIG check was $17,000. She went from making $1200.00 a month for one year to zero (after unemployment ended) to making $300 up to $17,000 per month. And then the cycle repeats….

The next month Mz. Lady P kept writing more and more books. The more she wrote the more money she made. She had figured out how to get paid from her passion and gift. Her next step was to show others and that’s what she did. She opened up her own publishing company under Shan Presents titled “Mz.Lady P Presents“. With the leadership and direction previously given she began an incubator for other authors and writers. She would begin to teach them what she was taught. The art of paying it forward.

“Being under my publishers Shan and David inspire me daily to go harder and to keep pushing my career to the next level. I came in the game strictly with the aim of wanting to write. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would have my own Publishing company under their direction.” – Mz.Lady P. 

When asked what “inside” information she can give us about creating this amazing recipe for success she says believing in yourself is the first step. Some of the other major key ingredients is having a plan, dedication, motivation and more importantly patience.

“It’s very hectic but very rewarding. I have to remain humble, stay true to myself and keep going harder. Especially having others who look up to me to stay successful. I work the minimum sixteen hours a day but when it’s time to go shopping I can swipe my card for anything I want or my kids want.” – Mz.Lady P

She wanted to make sure we knew she did have doubts, fears just like everyone else. Her greatest fear is living in Chicago, with its intense crime rate rising and leaving this world before her boys ages 16 and 9 are old enough to take care of themselves. Her greatest fear has turned into her biggest motivation. “No one will take care or love them like I do” , says Mz. Lady P.

Now making over six figures a year she now has ten authors under Mz.Lady P Presents. Even running her own publishing company she still continues to write one book a month and has since 2015. You do the math.

This is one woman that we tip our BOSSCHICK hats off too. Make sure you connect with Mz.Lady P and if you have any questions feel free to contact her via email at We know she will continue to inspire the world.