“How I Attended Yale And Princeton Free” – Black Educated Women

From The Desk of BossQueen

NOOO your eyes did not play tricks on you with the title of this post. I attended /attend Yale and Princeton for free and now enrolled in taking classes online at Duke university, for free! Not because I was the first one to discover the cure to some unknown ailment, not because I put together a plan that even NASA scientists couldn’t believe, but all because I diligently search for opportunities at lower cost and found how I could continue learning and evolving at no or little cost.

Everyone knows the cost of education which we thought used to be free is no longer free. Tuition continues to increase on a daily basis. When I was studying undergrad I remember having extra money after my scholarships and financial aid covered my tuition. Today you have to earn scholarships, have financial aid and sometimes student loans just to cover your tuition. Well I’m a little thrifty when it comes to handling money and finding a way out of no way. So this is something I’m going to share with you now.

This is where the power of social media kicks in! So I researched free education classes at Yale University, not because I heard about it, not because I always wanted to go there (who doesn’t) but it was because I knew somebody has something for free and was determined to find it. Even though I have an undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Communications, my soul still thirst for knowledge and I knew I had to quench that thirst. It was then I was on Twitter and found Coursera. I had no idea how finding this would change my life and view about education.

So I went to their website at https://www.coursera.org/courses. On the site it listed several courses that you could take virtually for free. This was too good to be true so I wiped my eyes to make sure I was reading correctly. On the site I read the “About” section and there it was in black and white stating, “Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide, to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.” I read nothing else in that sentence except the two words “education” and “free”. It wasn’t until I glanced at the roster of top institutions that participated in this program. It was then I screamed “I have to tell somebody, can somebody please call me, tweet me or something.”

After I told myself, “self calm down.” I began to read even more. I’m not going to spoil it for you because I want us to jump up and down together but let’s just say I have enrolled in classes at Yale that are six-twelve week courses where you attend virtually online. This is amazing, you get to save gas, increase your brain flow and earn a certificate at the end of every course you choose to take! How about that? Imagine yourself going into a job interview with these colleges on your resume’. That employer will probably more than likely hire you just for being a walking dictionary! So these are some of the courses that are offered and some of the universities you can attend. Like I said I can’t spoil it all for you…you have to go read for yourself and see what I mean!!

Courses in the following categories : (Not all are listed)

Teacher, Professional Development,Biology & Life Sciences,Business & Management, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics & Finance, Energy &Earth Sciences, Engineering, Mathematics, Law, Medicine, Food & Nutrition, Social Sciences, and the list goes on and on. Countries of Institutions that participate are: Global, Australia, Canada, China (Mainland)Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain
Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan,  Turkey,  United Kingdom, United States, US State Institutions, Non-University Partners, Kudos to Yale, Princeton, Duke, Emory University, University of London, University of San Diego and more for joining such a wonderful program. For all of those who haven’t been able to be accepted into an institution to further their education or maybe you did not graduate from high school, whatever the reason is, you have no more excuses after reading this.Granted you will not earn a degree from these courses but it can and will enhance your level of thinking and overall knowledge.I hope this encourages someone that wants to go to school, go back to school or just learn a different trade. The resources are out there. Knowledge is power.

P.S. And for all the nosey people out there (chuckles), Coursera DID not pay me to talk about this nor do they know about this post yet! Of course they couldn’t pay me to say this, they offer “free” courses! :)Oh and I’m signed up for courses at the University of London and at Duke University online this fall! I’m addicted to free learning and you will be next! Go build that empire! NO EXCUSES!

I’m a CEO of my own marketing and branding firm and still to this day use these courses to stay abrupt in this forever evolving world. Share this with those you love somebody needs to hear it besides me and you!