How To Increase Your Sex Appeal By The Weekend

Heels clicking on the marble lobby floor, calling the shots in that perfectly tailored suit is exactly what we’ve come to identify as the modern day Boss Chick. But there is a more private element that we can’t forget to explore, that’s Boss Chick‘s big sister, Sex Appeal. (wink)

Here are a few tips on how to increase your sex appeal by the weekend!

1.  Know your vagina. Not the anatomy but the essence and the power that comes from your lady parts in a very sacred way.  I use yoni eggs (natural earth stones re: obsidian, quartz, etc in the shape of an egg for channeling/removing energy) which are inserted vaginally.  There are physical and spiritual/emotional benefits with each egg.  I buy mine from the fine folks at yonieggs.com.  You can see the benefits of the eggs over on their site.

2. Establish sensual and spiritual rituals. I hang fresh eucalyptus on the back of my shower head and shower by candlelight often :INSTANT SPA:  I also frequent Korean bath houses to get FULL body scrubs like FULL. LIFE. ALTERING body scrubs and spend time publicly in the buff which is hardly an American thing but it will instantly boost your love of self when you can be naked in a room of 50 other women and give zero fxcks.

I also meditate and balance my chakras which keeps my spirit up and it’s hard to not have sex appeal when you’re whole and at peace 😉

3.   Plan late night dinners.  If your meal plan is telling you not to eat past 7, ditch it!  When the world slows down…eat in peace.  Going out for a dinner date this weekend?  Schedule for 11 o’clock. It’s provocative but not slutty like 2am.  If you’re a single lady,  go and have yourself a lovely meal at the “it” restaurant-alone.  I guarantee you’ll meet much more interesting people later in the evening than during the dinner rush.  If you’re a busy mom put the kids to bed and date your husband at 11pm in your living room… in real clothes and perhaps not sweats 🙂

4. Always have an ounce of mystery.  This is the most cliche of the set but seriously, stop being so obvious.  Have a little something everyone can’t figure out.  Layer your perfume (or wear cologne instead like I often do) so that your scent isn’t instantly recognizable, purchase things off-trend, wear a lipstick that 14 other girls in the club don’t have on as well (I see you Ruby Woo) and just be smooth.

5.  Provide unexpected stimulation.  Layer your personality.  Multi-faceted people are so intriguing and intriguing = sex appeal!  If you’re an introvert, insert some extroverted traits into your weekend activities, hone the art of a proper conversation, hit your boo with some team analytics when he knows you aren’t a sports girl and push yourself out of your comfort zone weekly.


Teneice is a lifestyle consultant based in the DC area and can be found at teneice.com and TeneiceTV on Facebook/Instagram as well as @teneice_b on Twitter.


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