How To Keep Yourself Happy


Sometimes we need some inspiration from the “Good Vibes Tribe”. We hope these little inspiration nuggets get you through this week.

  1. REMEMBER Nobody can get in your way more than you can.
  2. Giving up on something prematurely is tragic. You rarely get things back once you’ve lost them so try hard to keep them while you have them. (If it’s of good value only) Anything toxic, please discard immediately.
  3. It takes more effort to try to be someone else than it does to just be yourself. Share your authentic self, celebrate your authentic self.
  4. Remind yourself of the things that make you happy, do the things that make you happy, expand on the things that make you happy.
  5. The universe is always listening, communicating. it’s never too late for you to build a relationship with your universe. Start with energy.
  6. Soon you’ll surpass the insignificant and be solely concerned with growing as an individual, joining the growing kind. We wish it for you.
  7. Prove what? To who? For why? Remember you only need to prove who you are to ONLY you. Every boss chick should know their value and self-worth.
  8. Patience is power, give it a try. Let courses run. Know your impatient triggers and learn discipline.
  9. Don’t give up on yourself just because the world does. You don’t need the world’s backing, believing in yourself is enough.
  10. Remember to always display an attitude of gratitude. This will help you remember that your life could be much worse than what it is. It also shows others the level of appreciation you have for them which intern causes you to become ore appreciated as well.
  11. Always be thankful!