How To Put Your 6 Figure Business Idea Into Action

You’ve thought, you’ve brainstormed, you’ve been kept up at night. You know that this big idea you have is going to be your million dollar ticket. But if you’re not sure how you will get your idea into production, then you have a problem.  How do you take your six figure business idea from the dream stages to putting it into action? Read on.

  • Start brainstorming. Write down a list of every imaginable product or service that you could profit from based on your idea. Think long term, where do you want your dream business to grow to a in a year, three years and five years from now? What products can you begin with that will build upon themselves?
  • Determine your message or your strong points. What’s your angle or niche? What do you bring to the table that is different from anyone else? Is it a testimony or are you an expert in a particular field? Is it your delivery or the information you provide? Why would you hire yourself?
  • Do your research. In being an entrepreneur, research will always be one of your beginning steps. Survey the field and get an idea of what’s going on in the field you want to conquer. Refine your skills, and learn all you can related to your dream business.
  • Take a poll. Family and friends can make great sounding boards. Ask them what’s unique about your dream business, have them give honest feedback. Practice your pitch and build on your weak points.
  • Take inventory. What do you need to bring this business to life? Website, inventory, books,or maybe start up money?  Are there any certifications you need to hold or classes to take? How much will it cost to get your business license or LLC? Which is better suited for the company you want to have? Will it be a brick and mortar store or eCommerce? How will you contact potential clients or announce your offerings? Where will you host your site? Make a list of anything that you may need to start a business, even if you aren’t able to afford some of the things now, its better to be aware and plan towards than surprise costs. If you’re not sure reach out to a business coach, many offer free or discounted consults that may get you started.
  • Build. For many ideas before you are able to charge for your idea you need to have some credibility. No one wants to be the first person to try new products. Build buzz. If you are planning to be a trainer, give some sessions away for free and have your clients give feedback. Planning on being a motivational speaker? Speak at churches and schools for free. Not only will these things build your confidence in what you are doing, but it builds word of mouth, and when you launch you will have a waiting audience. Realize that success is a road not an interstate, there will be bumps and stops along the path. Learn from all things and eventually you will get to your goal.