Keyshia Ka’Oir and Gucci Mane: #BossChickLaws


The popular rumor states that Gucci Mane gave his fiancé, Keyshia Ka’Oir $2 million dollars before he went to prison, and once he was released, she gave him back $6 million. During a recent interview with “The Breakfast Club,” Gucci Mane was asked if the rumor was true. His reply:

“Well you know… I had to give the money to somebody… So… you know… I trusted her.”

If you’ve been following Keyshia, then you’re aware of how hard she’s been hustling since her fiancé has been locked up. She certainly didn’t sit around playing games. She was vigorously hustling everything from cosmetics to club hosting appearances.

The cosmetic line she owns, Ka’Oir cosmetics, is a successful online brand that sells numerous shades of lipsticks, lacquers, eye shadows, and lashes. She has about every shade of matte, liquid and glitzsticks under the spectrum.

She’s also a successful club host. In many clubs she’s done appearances in around the country, she’s allowed women in free if they show up rocking one of her signature products. What’s a BossChick without the ability to cross-promote?

On the contrary, if you give a woman with no business sense $2 million dollars, that would probably be the wrong thing to do. There are plenty of women who are trying to boss up, and have aspirations that amount to more than bags and shoes, and are vigorously fighting against the odds to place themselves into positions to achieve greatness. It doesn’t matter if a man gives them money to flip, or if they work hard and flip every extra dollar they have available, we here at #BossChicks, salute other #BossChicks.