La La Anthony To Release Her Second Book: ‘The Power Playbook’

For the readers and supporters of @Lala Anthony’s first book, “The Love Playbook”, Mrs. Anthony has another treat in store. She is set to release her newest book on May 5 of this year!Ready for another word of advice from Lala Anthony? While her first book, “The Love Playbook: Rules for Love, Sex, and Happiness”, focused on love life, Mrs. Anthony’s second upcoming book, “The Power Playbook: Rules for Independence, Money, and Success”, will focus on making power moves. Mrs. Anthony certainly has room to talk. She’s a mother and a wife, an actress, runs Motive Cosmetics, and her own clothing line, 5th and Mercer. We’re sure all of that responsibility leaves no room to skimp on family matters, love life, and having a boss chick mentality, so there is much to look forward to for Lala’s new book.

The book’s publisher description is enough to build anticipation:

The author of the #1 New York Times bestseller The Love Playbook, La La Anthony is again opening up her playbook to share her no-nonsense advice. La La is a self-made entrepreneur with a successful fashion line, a cosmetics company, a reality show, and a budding acting career to her credit. From humble beginnings, she created a career that she loves through sheer determination and hard work, and now she shares her hard-won wisdom on how her readers can do the same.With her unparalleled drive and enterprising attitude, La La knows what it takes to follow a dream, forge goals, and work relentlessly to achieve them. In ‘The Power Playbook,’ she will share her tried-and-true advice for reaching new levels of success in whatever you set out to do.Big dreams require hard work, resilience, and an undying belief in yourself. Illustrated by personal stories of her own professional triumphs and challenges, La La reveals her secrets to finding success on your own terms.

In excitement, Lala took to social media to post the book’s cover, and announced her new book, which she dubs her “experiences and advice on professional success”. “The Power Playbook” will release on May 5, but is now available for preorder. Will you be buying?