McDonald’s and Visa’s Budget Sheet is Ridiculous

Since 2012 and 2013, there were waves of fast-food workers asking the companies who were making so much money off of them to increase their hourly wages. Many places were asking for $15 an hour increases, and some were asking for more than that. In a response, McDonalds teamed up with Visa and offered a budget sheet to educate the worker how to make it in life off of $8.25 an hour. What?

McDonald’s and Visa budget sheet.

How do you do a budget sheet showing how to survive off of $8.25 per hour and in that same sheet include the small fact that you have to work two jobs to do it? Duh, that’s why they’re requesting for a wage increase! It’s outrageous to think that every single person has the time, energy, or proper baby-sitting arrangements to work two jobs day in-day out to pay the basics. Look at how much money McDonalds is making on a daily basis. Why was it even a situation that required them to show the people who helped them make all that money how to live poor?

This ridiculous report doesn’t even sound realistic. What happened to gas money? What about money for clothes? Hair and cosmetics? Daycare for two jobs? And if a person has to work two jobs, chances are they’re almost always late trying to make it from point A to B, so we know the car insurance rates from all of those tickets will be significantly higher than a $100 split between home and car. Stop playing with us, and thank you. Management.