Million Student March Fights For Loan Forgiveness and Debt-Free College

White House hopeful Sen. Bernie Sanders said during an interview with Katie Couric, “A million young people should march on Washington [and say] to the Republican leadership, ‘…you better vote to deal with student debt. You better vote to make public universities and colleges tuition free.'”

Sanders words may have inspired today’s Million Student March.

Students from over 100 colleges and universities walked out of class today in a protest for student loan debt forgiveness, free tuition, and higher paying on campus jobs.

million student march

Elan Axelbank, a junior at Northeastern University, said Sanders’ comment gave students a pathway. “The three demands were designed to bring as many people into this movement as possible and meet the needs of future students and past students,” Axelbank said. “There are people who are 30 with $40,000 in student debt, and because of that they haven’t been able to buy a car or home. It’s difficult to settle down if you’re still paying off that debt.”

What are your thoughts on the #MillionStudentMarch?



  1. I should have not they call you every other day harassing you making your loan more larger even after you get out of school I owed a certain amount a no now it’s like 2 times that

  2. And who do they expect to pay for it all? How will the employees get paid? What about expenses like electricity, housing, classrooms, etc. Wait! I know. Let’s tax the working people more. I made sacrifices and paid $50,000 for my child’s education, as many caring parents have. If you are truly serious about your schooling, you should work to get your education. Walking out of class shows how little you really care about an education and more about what you THINK you are entitled to. You are not entitled to a college education. You are not entitled to a free car. You are not entitled to a free house. If you want something special, you have to work for it. If everything was free, no one would work, and no one would have anything.

  3. Hello #millionstudentmarch, your first 12-years of education were free. If you want more than that, you pay. If you can’t pay, you join the military or find another JOB that will pay for it for you. Stop being so dang lazy and start pulling your weight…you free loaders are destroying our country.

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