Mom Raises $84,000 On Kickstarter To Launch Her Naturally Perfect Dolls Company

Finally, a beautiful 18-inch vinyl doll with facial features true to women of color and hair you can style and wash as natural hair.

When Angelica Sweeting heard her young daughter wishing for white skin and blonde hair just like her dolls, she decided to launch her own company called Naturally Perfect Dolls. Sweeting created the “The Angelica Doll” for brown girls with kinky-curly hair and full lips like her daughter’s. The doll comes with human hair that will allow for a twist out, bantu knots and a wash and go just like your own child’s hair. Angelica says her main objective is to promote positive beauty ideals and self-acceptance for young girls.

Angelica’s daughter tested The Angelica Doll for eight months to make sure she could style and wash her doll’s hair exactly how she would do her own. With four more dolls expected early 2016, The Naturally Perfect Doll collection is sure to be a hit among mothers and daughters of all shades and features.

Angelica’s Naturally Perfect Dolls Kickstarter campaign has already raised $84,000 of the $25,000 needed to launch production of the doll with hopes of getting the dolls in Target stores nationwide.

For now, you can purchase or pledge toward the Naturally Perfect Dolls Kickstarter campaign at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/angelica/the-angelica-doll-a-natural-hair-doll-for-young-gi



  1. This doll is so pretty and yeah it’s about time that they make African American dolls that actually look African American. (Eat that American Girl…lol) I would definately like to see this bussiness grow with more hair types and skin tones becauase hair types and skin tones arent all the same for us people of color. . but I definately love this doll.

  2. Awesome! When I was growing up in the late 80’s and 90’s we had two choices: Black dolls that were chocolate or White dolls. Neither looked like me. I look forward to seeing where her business goes.

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