Networking 101: Upgrade Your Social Circle With These 4 Simple Tips!

If you’ve found yourself caught up in meaningless interactions, or stuck in isolation with nothing to occupy yourself, it may be time to reevaluate your social life.As time passes, we merge into different mentalities, and shift our focuses, our social circle can be outgrown. Within our social circle, we have friends, associates, co-workers, and professional acquaintances who can be of value to us in times of personal need, advice, professional assistance, or just for fun. Fulfillment comes from a valuable social circle, so it is important to be sure that your social circle is of full service to you and your lifestyle. Feeling that it is time to grow and upgrade your social circle? These four tips with bring major success in doing just that. Read on!

1. Take Inventory. Before making any changes to your social circle, first decide the state of your social life to help you make your decisions. Who are your friends? Are the people in your social life bringing value and growth? How active are you within your social circle? What experiences do you long to have?

2. Go places. Sometimes, it is a necessity to just break out of your shell and out of your ordinary routine. To get something different, we must do something different. Therefore, if your social interactions are not fulfilling you to your greatest potential, then it may be time to explore. Attend events that strike your interest and look to network in places where like-minds linger.

3. Be Valuable. If you desire more value in your social interactions, give what you are expecting to get. Think of what you are able to offer to others. Taking on a leadership role or stepping onto the board of an organization that interests you. Seek places in which you can apply your skills while meeting and interacting with others frequently.

4. Learn Social “Basics”. Perhaps the most important, yet most simple part of upgrading your social circle is simply being social. Familiarizing yourself with “social basics” with assist your merge into being a social butterfly. Learn to introduce yourself, strike up conversations, take down contact information, make plans, accept invitations, and keep in touch.