Nicki or Remy? Who’s Better?



A bona fide boss chick indeed– Remy Ma was fresh off of the red carpets and onto the stage of the 2017 BET Awards where she was crowned this years’ BEST FEMALE HIP-HOP ARTIST. This win comes in the same year as her beef with pop/hip-hop mogul-rival Nicki Minaj. Ironically this win also ends a seven year streak held by Nicki. Remy Ma didn’t take the high road with her acceptance speech. She possibly reignited her beef with Nicki as she recited lyrics from her track “Spaghetti.” Y’all bitches got fat while we starved/shots in your ass/pads in your bras.” Was it intentional? Definitely! Was it good entertainment? Certainly. However everyone can’t be happy and that’s the overall consensus according to social media outlets. Some say Remy was quote-unquote ‘lame’ for the shot taken while others loved it just as much as “Shether.” Whatever the outcome, we’ll be watching and celebrating bosschicks nonetheless.