Heather Sanders Shares Great Tips On How To Run An Online Boutique

Heather Sanders is the CEO of ‘Sorella Boutique,’ an online boutique that houses cute, trendy and fashionable finds. The 27 year old entrepreneur recently opened up about the success of her online boutique, how she got started and her ability to rake in a little less than a million last year. Peep some highlights and […]

Egypt Sherrod says “We Can’t Depend on Society to Teach Kids About Money”

Egypt Sherrod, author of ‘Keep Calm… It’s Just Real Estate’, and host of the HGTV series Property Virgins, wants parents to know the importance of being financially literate and of passing that knowledge on to your children. “We are not teaching our kids about wealth preservation. And that’s the key. You can make a great salary. You […]

Billionaire Boss Babe: How Jessica Alba Made FORBES “America’s Richest Self-Made Women” List

Self made and self paid! Thanks to her new business, ‘The Honest Company,’ actress Jessica Alba landed a top spot on FORBES’ “America’s Richest Self-Made Women,” list …and not for the money earned from her acting career! In 2008, Jessica launched ‘The Honest Company,’ an organic and eco-friendly line of baby and household products. Her […]

Meet Miss Diddy: L.A.’s Leading Lady and Industry Goal-Digger

A goal-digger is a woman who chases dreams, and not just money. She’ll show you how to do this, hun! Everybody wants to be on the scene, but hardly anyone wants to create it. Meet the woman who does! Today’s Bosschick exclusive and featured female is none other than true hustler and Hollywood sweetheart-Miss Diddy. […]

How To Start An Online Boutique In 7 Simple Steps

Starting an online boutique is a great way to supplement your income and earn extra money working from home… or working from anywhere, as long as you have wi-fi. You can operate a fully functioning online boutique on the go thanks to apps like Shopify, Paypal and Instagram. Several popular instagram boutiques have successfully grossed millions using similar formulas. […]

Celebrity Hairstylist Ming Lee is Beauty, Brains, and Businesswoman

Ming Lee knows what it’s like to go from nothing to something. From a young age she always knew that she wanted to ‘take over the world’. To carry out her mission Ming relocated to Atlanta, Georgia, USA from Detroit, Michigan to focus on her life long passions: hair, fashion, and glamour. With strong influences […]