Patrice Banks, CEO of “Girls Auto Clinic” Receives $50,000 To Expand Her Business

How many female mechanics do you know? None? Maybe one? That’s because less than 2% of mechanics and auto technicians are women. Patrice Banks started the “Girls Auto Clinic” to equip more female drivers with the tools they need to repair their cars themselves… and to put a stop to mechanics taking advantage of “automotive airheads”.

Women spend upwards of $200 billion on vehicle purchases and maintenance for those vehicles a year.  Additionally, women outnumber men drivers in the United States. Yet many of us don’t know the first thing about car repairs, and solely rely on our husbands or mechanics for things that we could probably fix ourselves. As a self-professed, former auto-airhead, Patrice Banks knew this struggle all too well.

girls auto clinic

Banks was tired of being a victim of sexist discrimination with auto repairs. She took that frustration and turned it into a business. After seeing the glaring neglect of women working in the automotive industry, she made it her personal mission to empower and educate other women car owners with her knowledge. In 2012, she decided to enroll herself in classes to become a certified mechanic. She did so while still juggling her full-time job as an engineer for a year and a half.

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It was during this time she formulated the idea for Girls Auto Clinic (GAC). She fondly recalls the idea coming to her and the internal knowing she felt, saying, “Something was like, this is it, Patrice. This is it!”

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