Pipeline Fellowship Offers $1,000 to Black and Latina Women to become Angel Investors

Pipeline Fellowship recently enlisted BeVisible and Black MBA Women to recruit African American and Latina women to sign up for their angel investing bootcamp. $1,000 scholarships will be granted to African American and Latina women who sign up.

“We simply have to do a better job in supporting black women leaders by taking an active role in their development,”

says Black MBA Women’s founder, Daria Burke.

“Relationships and access to capital are the biggest roadblocks for Latina entrepreneurs. However, it doesn’t have to stay this way. And, one way to make sure it doesn’t is to train Latinas to become investors.”

notes BeVisible’s co-founder, Andrea Guendelman.

Since the launch of Pipeline Fellowship in April 2011, the percentage of women angel investors in the United States has grown from 12% to 26%, according to the Center for Venture Research. However, the percentage of minority angels in the U.S. has inched from 4% to 8%.

When it comes to women of color angels, the numbers are even lower. Additionally, the percentage of women of color entrepreneurs pitching to and securing funding from angel investors in the United States is less than 24% and 16%, respectively.

And yet, the number of businesses owned by minority women has increased from 1 in 6 in 1997 to 1 in 3 in 2015, per the 2015 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report commissioned by American Express OPEN. While non-minority (term used in report) women-owned firms grew 40% over the eighteen-year time period, black women-owned firms grew 322% and Latina-owned firms grew 224% in the same time period.

– Black Enterprise

“We need to bet on black women and Latinas. There are enough white guys investing in other white guys–let’s get more of us investing in more of us,” remarks Natalia Oberti Noguera, founder & CEO of Pipeline Fellowship.

To sign up for Pipeline Fellowship‘s angel investors bootcamp go here http://pfapply.seamlessdocs.com/f/bootcamp