3 Pricing Strategies to Price Your Next Product or Service

Build Your Empire


One of the things that trips up many new entrepreneurs is pricing. The price you place on your products and services can make or break your business. Price too high, no customers – Price too low, and your missing out on the revenue that your business deserately needs to stay afloat.

Today, I’ll share three pricing strategies that can help you decide on a price and start testing the response!

1. Pricing Strategy One: Research what’s in the market and create your price based on this information.

2. Pricing Strategy Two: Calculate your sales goal and then divide by number of sales you want to make to achieve this goal. Example, if want to make 10k serving 3 clients then I’ll need to set my price at $3,333 per person.

3. Pricing Strategy Three (Recommended): Price your products and services based on the transformation that will occur! Focus on the benefits that working with you will bring. Select a price based on your clients new quality of life after working with you.


If you would like help creating, pricing, and positioning your products to sell I would love to invite you to schedule a FREE Discovery Session so that we can discuss how we can work together to create the business of your dreams!